Thursday, August 30, 2012

Battle of Casillinum #2

This drawing is another view of the subject battle.  In this view the "Boar's Head" tactic of the "Frankish Wedge" is better shown, as well as the surprise of Herul's Infantry, as they crossed the bridge and confronted the already distracted Frankish troops at the front of the wedge.

(See August, 2011 for Battle #1)

Also in this view of the conflict, Herul's Infantry crossed the river to encounter the Franks, while the "Frankish Wedge" charged toward the river, rather than away from it as in View #1.  Since there are many descriptions of this battle from many different authors; most of whom did not see the battle and who wrote about such many years aferward, the viewer must choose his / her view of the battle that they think most reasonable.