Friday, March 21, 2014

Ballista and Bolts #2

Ballista and Bolts

This is a model of the Greek -- Roman portable Ballista.  This was an element of artillery
 in the ancient and classical armies.  The two wing-like extensions are the ends of the
 bow and the bow string is drawn back along the tal end of the machine.  The tension is
provided by skiens of horse hair and silk loops twisted  which perform the project of the
heavy dart.  This model can shoot a dart in a shallow ark for a distince of approximently
 35 feet.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Onager - from above

In this picture you can see the two twisted skiens (white) and the
upright locking rod which holds the onager in the loaded position.
The firing trigger is the small green and white rod  extending from
 the bottom of the weapon base.

Onager -- (Catapult) Locked and Loaded

Onager (Catapult)
The Onager was used to throw rocks against a castle or fortification wall.   The
orange arm  is propelled by two loops of twisted skiens which when twisted
 tightly will eturn the arm and its ball rapidly against the upright and its
cushion.   This model which is about 9" long will catapult the wooden ball
about 25-30 feet 

Mantlet - side, front view

Mantlet - Side view

Mantlet - Rear view


This is a protection device for use in the field to protect the workers operating the siege machines.
Many of these were built and were moved into position to protect the soldiers and workers who were
an important part of the siege.