Monday, September 13, 2010

Helmets and Head-Gear

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A. Helmet from Vatra Moldovitei possibly 12th-13th century, Byzantine origin (ex-Spinei);

B. 11th century Russian helmet, possible Byzantine origin (location unknown);

C. Engraved and inlaid, 13th-14th century helment (engraving not shown), of probable Byzantium origin, (Kremlin Armory, Moscow) ;

D. Helmet of scale construction on a felt base, poorer warriors, 15th-16th century, (National Museum, Budapest);

E. Helmet from Kalkis, supposedly Ottoman origin, but could be late Byzantine, early 15th century, (Ethnog Museum, Athens);

F. 13th century helmet, either "cerrelliere" or part of a "chapel-de-fer" (National Museum, Budapest);

G. "salet" of Italian origin (or a fake) from Serbia late 14th-15th century, (Military Museum, Belgrade);

H. "rassapka" mail coif with skull plate, 16th century, showing obvious similarity with the Ottoman "zirh kuluh" (Military Museum, Budapest);

I. Helmet catalogued as 5th century, but probably 15th-16th century Hungarian or Serbian (National Museum, Belgrade).

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