Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Balkan Weapons

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A -- Serbian Dagger, Bone Grip, (1130 - 1230);
B -- German Sword, (13th Cent.);
C -- Moldavian Sword-chape (12th-13th Cent.);
D -- German Sword (1400);
E -- Moldavian Sabre Blade (12th-13th Cent.);
F -- Bulgarian Mail Shirt -outline (12th-13th Cent.);
G -- Serbian Winged Mace-Head (15th-16th Cent.);
H -- Bosnian "Sword of Foca" (15th Cent.);
I -- Ceremonial Halbard (16th Cent.);
J-L -- Bulgarian Mace Heads (13th-14th Cent.);
M -- Moldavian Bronze Mace Head (undated);
N -- Moldavian Axe Head (10th -12th Cent.);
O -- Moldavian Axe Head (13th Cent.);
P -- Wallachian Axe Head (16th Cent.)

David Nicolle, Ph. D., Angus McBride, "Hungary and the Fall of Eastern Europe," Osprey Pub., London, 1988

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