Sunday, August 22, 2010

Various Ordnance of the Period

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A -- Wheel-lock from NW Hungary (1540);
B -- Transylvania Matchlock (early 15th C);
C -- Bronze Handgun (15th C)'
D -- Breech Loading Iron Cannon (late 15th, early 16th C);
E -- Reconstruction of handgun from Smederova (15th C)'
F -- Section of a handgun, Smederova (15th C);
G -- Bronze Cannon, Serbian origin (Late 15th C);
H -- Iron Bombard (14th-15th C);
I -- Iron bombard from Kupres (1380-1400);
J -- Bronze Bombard from Giurgiu Island, probably Hungarian (late 14thC).

Ref. David Nicolle, Ph. D / Angus McBride, "Hungary and the Fall of Eastern Europe - 1000 to 1568," Osprey Pub., London, 1988.

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