Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hungarian Weapons

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A -- Sabre (11th C)'
B -- Cuman Sabre (12th-13th C);
C -- Sabre (14th-15th C);
D -- Sabre with Sciavona hilt (late 13th C);
E & F -- Sabres (16th C);
G -- Single edged sword, Slovakia (11th C);
H -- Sword (11th-12th C);
I -- Sword (13th-14th C);
J -- Croation Sword of Governor of Lendava (14th C);
K -- Sword (15th C);
L & M -- kesech daggers (15th C);
N -- csakday warhammer (15th-16th C);
O -- Inlaid Slovakian war axe (14th C).

Ref. David Nicolle, Ph,D, / Angus McBride, "Hungary and the Fall of Eastern Europe - 1000-1568," Osprey Pub., London, 1988

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