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First Crusader Chronology

Crusader Chronology -- 1097 -- 1192

1096 -- Departure of the First Crusade for the Middle East;
1097 - 1098 -- Siege of Antioch by the First Crusade;
1098 -- Establishment of the County of Edessa by Baldwin of Boulogne;
1099 -- First Crusade captures Jerusalem;
1100 -- Crusaders capture Sidon;
1101 -- Crusaders capture Arsuf; start of the Crusader siege of Tripoli;
1107 -- Crusaders capture al-Wu'aira in southern Jordan;
1109 -- Tripoli surrenders to the Crusaders after an eight-year siege;
1114 -- Maras is massively damaged by a severe earthquake;
1115 -- Muslim army attacks Crusader-held Afamia; Muslim army takes Crusader-held  Kafr Tab;
1115-1116 -- Crusader campaign in southern Jordan;
1119 -- Muslim army attacks and takes Crusader-held Atharib;
1124 -- Crusaders capture Tyre;
1129 -- Crusaders and the Kingdom of Jerusalem attack Damascus;
1136 -- Frontier territory or March, granted to the Templars in the Amanus Mountains of north-western                  
1144 -- Crusader -ruled city of Edessa retaken by Zangi; Count Raymond II of Tripoli grants the
             Hospitallers substantial territories around the Buqai'ah valley;
1147 -- Second Crusade is Launched;
1148 -- Second Crusade defeated outside Damascus;
1151 -- Last Crusader castle in the County of Edessa surrenders to Nur al-Din;
1153 -- Crusaders capture Ascalon;
1157 -- Serious earthquake damages fortificatins in north-western Syria;
1163 - 1169 -- Five invasions of Egypt by the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem;
1170 -- Earthquake damages fortification in north-western Syria; Saladin captures the Crusader castle of
1177 -- Crusaders defeat Saladin at the Battle of Mont Gisard;
1179 -- Saladin captures and destroys the partially built Crusader castle of Vadum Jacob;
1183 -- Campaign by Reynald of Chatillon, Lord of Oulrejourdain, in northern Arabia and the Red Sea
1187 --Saladin defeats Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem at the Battle of Hattin, retakes Jerusalem and
            most of the Kingdom of Jerusalem,  His siege of Crusader-held Tartus is unsuccessful;
1188 - 1189 -- Crusader castles in southern Jordan captured by Saladin;
1189 -- The Third Crusade begins, King Guy of Jerusalem besieges Acre, held by Saladin's garrison;
1191 - 1192 -- Third Crusade retakes Acre, Saladin is deteated at the Battle of Arsuf.  Crusaders fail to
            reach Jerusalem and agree to a peasce treaty with Saladin.

Reference: -- David Nicolle, Adam Hook (illus.), "Crusader Castles in the Holy Land, 1097 -- 1192," (OspreyPub. -- Fortress 21-- 2004).

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