Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saone Castle

(A) deep rock-cut fosse, (B) Stone Donjon, (C) Byzantine Castle, (D) Shallow fosse between upper and lower fortresses (afterDeschamps and Muller-Wiener).

"Spur-Castles such as Saone were built on a rock promontory.  Several of these castles had a deep fosse or ditch cut across the promontory as above.  Saone Castle is in the southern part of the Principality of Antioch and is the least altered of the large 12th century Crusader spur-castles.  Several of the features of Saone Castle -- merlons not pierced, no donjon in original castle, no direct communication between keep towers and the curtain wall,  These may well be of a Byzantine influence.

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