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"Anjar, the fortified 'new town' founded during the reign of the Caliph al-Walid (AD 705-15), but which was destroyed only a few decades later (After Salame-Sarkis);

1. great palace;

2. mosque;

3. small palace;

4. "hamam" (public baths);

5. housing (excavatated);

6. central junction of maind shop-lined roads with a Roman-style monumental tetrastyle;

7. North Gate;

8. East Gate;

9. South Gate;

10. West Gate;

11. One of twelve pairs of stairs onto the fortified wall:

12. One of four hollow corner towers (the other 36 towers, including those flanking the gates are solid).


D. Nicolle, "Saracen Strongholds AD 630-1050," Fortress 76, (Osprey Pub.-2008), P. 8-9

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