Monday, February 21, 2011

Umayyad "desert palaces" in the Fertile Cresent

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A. -- C. Development of Qasr Hallabat in Jordan, (after I. Arce);

A.--Late Roman "Limes Arabicus quadriburgium", fourth and fifth centuries AD;

B.--Ghassanid Arab "pretorium," sixth century following the earthquake of AD551;

C.--Umayyad palace and mosque, seventh and eighth centuries AD destroyed by an earthquake in AD 748 / 9;

1.--Original Roman second century AD fort enclosed by later Roman Fortifications;

2.--enlargement of Roman Fort in the second or third century AD;


4.--Umayyad palace;

5.--Umayyad mosque outside the fortifications.


David Nicolle. "Saracen Strongholds AD 630 -- 1050, The Middle East and Central Asia," Fortress76, Osprey Pub., London, 2008

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