Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ottoman Fortress a Bashtov (after Karaiska)

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Most of the construction work done in the 15th and 16th centuries in Albania was military construction because of the warlike actions in that land. One such fortification was the unit built near Bashtov. This fort was a relatively simple design as it was intended to stand on flat ground. The dimensions of the design were approx. 60 x 90 meters, with curtain walls nine meters in height. There were originally seven towers, one at each corner and one in each of three walls. When the fourth wall was destroyed in a later flood the wall was rebuilt and then included the eighth tower. Each of the corner towers were five stories in height and the side wall towers three stories in height. All towers had wooden floors and wooden roofs, and each tower had embrasures for artillery at the ground level. The interior of the curtain walls had false arches and a double row of loopholes. The false arches supported a walkway which gave access to each of the towers. This was never a very important fortress for the Ottomans.

1. Original Ottoman Fort;

2. Western wall destroyed in a river flood and rebuilt;

3. "musalah" (prayer room) above entrance in the main northwestern gate tower.


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