Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hanseatic Cog, Danzig, 15th century

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The design for this ship comes to us from the city seal of Danzig. The vessel apparently had ties either in design or usage or both to the Hanseatic League who shipped products all over the Northern European waters. The "bundled" mast, makes the vessel a larger ship, and the "Crow's Nest" is utilized in this design as was found in the much earlier Phoenician and Egyptian boats / ships many centuries before. The fore castle is somewhat smaller and almost seems to be "stuck" on as an after thought, while the stern castle is much larger and appears to be a part of the ship's design. Note the central hung Stern rudder. Note also the dragon head carvings on the bow and stern.


Attilio Cucari, "Sailing Ships," Rand McNally, Chicago, 1978

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