Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reconstruction of the Ottoman and Venetian Fortress at Butrint (after Karaiska)

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During their occupation of Albania in the 15th-16th centuries, the Venetians had constructed a two storey artillery tower with loopholes for cannon at the southwestern corner of an existing 15th century triangular fort. When the Ottomans recaptured the fortress, they quickly installed two further round towers for artillery, in the Turkish style, which had two levels, wooden floors, and four embrasures for smaller cannon at the first floor level.

1. Ottoman (probable) 15th century fortified enclosure;

2. Venetian Artillery tower southwestern corner (square);

3. & 4. Ottoman round towers;

5. Ottoman internal buildings;

6. Venetian outer enclosure;


David Nicolle, "Ottoman Fortifications, 1300 to 1710," Fortress 95, Osprey Pub., London, U.K., pp 14, 28-29.

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