Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ottoman Fortification at Anamur

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Anamur (after Fedden);

Karamanid coastal castle with probable Ottoman additions in red:

1.- Moat;
2.- Stream;
3.- Beach;
4.- Inner Citadel;
5.- Landward Enclosure;
6.- Seaward Enclosure;
7.- Main or Sea Entrance;
8.- Land Gate;
9.- Gate of the Citadel;
10.- Gate Between Two Outer Enclosures;
11.- Postern Gate.

Information about early Ottoman fortifications in Anatolia is limited, though the extensive rebuilding of the castle of Anamur - strategically located on the coast - is confirmed by an inscription dated 874 AH (1469-70).


D. Nicolle. "Ottoman Fortifications, 1300 - 1710," Fortress 95, Osprey Pub., Oxford, 2010.

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